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Thousands in business rely on Marketo.

Millions in marketing rely on Google Analytics.

Everyone asking the same question.

I give the answer.

How do you integrate Google Analytics with Marketo?

How do I link Google Analytics with Marketo?

Google Analytics, GA, is linked to Marketo through Google Tag Manager. GTM contains the scripts that identify,read and post data to multiple digital marketing analytics platforms. The complete end-to-end integration gives business a quantitative 1:1 relationship from GA to Marketo. The code is build by MIT and adapted by Keith Shaw.

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What are the requirements?

Google Tag Manager must to be across all pages of the website. Google Analytics must be setup in GTM. Marketo must have the form created for this guide on the webpages measured.


What is needed in Marketo?

Administrative privileges are required to able to add multiple custom fields in Marketo, update form fields in Marketo, and update workflows in Marketo. Make sure Munchkin tracking code is on all webpages of your website.

create a new custom field in marketo

Go to Admin. Create a new custom field in Marketo and label it GAMETE; Short for Google Analytics Marketo End to End. Make sure the type is Text Area.

Create a Marketo form. Add a new field and select GAMETE from the dropdown list.

get marketo cookie value parameter name

Change the Field Type to Hidden. Change Autofill section, Get Value from, to Cookie Value.

Make sure parameter name is exactly _gid


What is needed in Google Tag Manager?

Administrative privileges are required to be able to setup the Marketo integration with Google Analytics. This is the most technical part of the guide and what the licensed code from MIT code labs was created for.

marketo form listener for google tag manager

Create a new Tag. Embed the script from Keith Shaw and MIT. Create a new Trigger or use, the default, All Pages.

marketo forms listener on submit

Create a new Trigger. Event name – mkto.form.submit

This tells GTM to read the data layer when the javascript triggers event – mkto.form.submit

google analytics variable marketo integration

Create a new Trigger. Event name – mkto.form.values.gAMETE

This tells GTM to read the data layer value for event – mkto.form.values.gAMETE

marketo to google analytics event

Create a new Tag with Google Analytics type. Select Track Type as Event. Write in your Category and Action.

Select your Data Layer Variable created for this guide

Select your Universal Analytics identifier

Select your Marketo Trigger for form submissions


What is reported in Google Analytics?

Go to the Behavior tab and navigate to Events section in Google Analytics. Review that your Marketo data is being received by GA from GTM. This guide is apart of a greater complete ecommerce measurement project. Marketo is a small piece in measuring enhanced ecommerce, improving audience remarketing for Google Analytics, custom reporting and reverse data import for Google Analytics through Marketo.

view marketo data in google analytics

When field _gid is populated appropriately a GUID, global unique identification, is created by Google Analytics.


What is reported in Marketo?

Marketo will read the GUID provided by cookie value _gid from Google Analytics. This will allow a marketing operations 1:1 quantitative measurement across platforms. This guide delivers better data for better digital marketing with Marketo.


How to troubeshoot the integration?

The GA, GUID, cookie value _gid is the working example that requires no more integrations between the two digital marketing platforms. If you run into a problem with this solution, review these steps with a fresh mind. Contact us, if you really need help.
troubleshoot marketo integration with gtm

Enter preview mode with Google Tag Manager in Google Chrome. Then navigate to your webpage with the Marketo form created for this guide.

troubleshoot marketo integration with console

Right click and select Inspect. Navigate to the Network tab. Click the checkbox for Offline.

marketo integration troubleshooting data layer

Now that you are emulating an offline environment, complete your Marketo form and submit your form. Navigate to mkto.form.submit and view the Data Layer tab. Review your results; gAMETE should be populated.


How to improve the integration?

Replace the _gid with your own GUID that proves a users identity from user location, device fingerprint or any number of flags to improve your reporting while reducing the workload in measuring historical data.

The best questions businesses ask us.

How you explain the Marketo GA integration to business?

Develop a 1:1 quantitative relationship between reporting platforms at a much deeper level than previously available for Marketo conversions. 100% matching data gives communications and operations greater opportunities to understand business growth.

How does this improve my bottom line?

Revenue optimization for top conversion paths, diagnose under performing marketing campaigns, and sluggish technology with Google Analytics. Report 100% of data without loss caused by out-of-box Marketo.

How many business owners have this problem?

SEMRush reports that on average 360 people in the United States search for a solution to this problem. Most businesses cannot afford Adometry and rely on a last interaction model for marketing operations. This supports old marketing models with better data.

Will this improve with my product or service?

Yes it will as diagnosing the problem with a business starts at competitive benchmarks provided by reporting agencies and respected institutions across advertising , uxui, technology performance, and company operations. Standard metrics and measurements are readily found on Google.

What are the short term benefits to digital marketing?

Reduced customer acquisition costs from optimizing Google Ads with GA to Marketo integration. Improve uxui and communications with marketing dimensions not available with an out-of-box Marketo.

Report actual customers through Google Analytics.

Deliver better customer service through Marketo.

What is a successful Marketo integration?

Achieve Competitive Advantage

Review the product core strengths. Reduce costs across disciplines. Focus on customer service. Focus on product or service deliverables. Differentiate your products and services from the competition. Form a strategic partnership with another company.

Market Penetration
Market Development
Product Development
Deliver a unique value proposition

Keep it easy to understand. Describe concrete results that a customer will receive from purchasing your product or service. Drill-down to why it is better than the competition. Avoid monopoly-like speech, words do not need a top hat and monocle. Describe your product in 10 seconds.

Transform your marketing engine

Driving the engine behind your new business growth. Connect the right people with the right product or service at the right time.

What is the trajectory of your business?

Business growth as a service.

It’s time to touchdown.

It’s time to make history.